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10,249 died in last 24 hours

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10,249 died
Another 10,249 people have died of coronavirus in the last 24 hours worldwide. At the same time, another six lakh 97 thousand 351 people have been newly infected. And four lakh 15 thousand 856 people have recovered.

The data was found on the international statistics website WorldoMeters on Saturday, July 31.

Earlier on Friday, July 30, the WorldoMeters reported 10,356 deaths and 6,59,873 identities in 24 hours.

According to the latest data from the WorldoMeters, the number of corona cases in the world so far is 19 crore 80 lakh 10 thousand 773. Of these, 42 lakh 24 thousand 121 people died. However, 17 crore 89 lakh seven thousand four people have already recovered.

The United States still has the highest rate of coronary infections and deaths in the world. Corona has so far identified 3 crore 56 lakh 88 thousand 506 people in the country. Six lakh 29 thousand 64 of them died. And two crore 96 lakh 52 thousand 38 people have recovered.

India is in the second position in the list. So far, 3 crore 16 lakh 12 thousand 794 people have been infected by corona in the country. Four lakh 23 thousand 842 of them died. And three crore seven lakh 73 thousand 555 people have already recovered.

In third place is the Latin American country Brazil. However, the country is in the second position in terms of death. The death toll there so far stands at five lakh 55 thousand 512 people. The number of people infected by corona in the country so far is one crore 98 lakh 80 thousand 273. And one crore 85 lakh 95 thousand 380 people have become healthy.

Russia is fourth, France fifth, United Kingdom sixth, Turkey seventh, Argentina eighth, Colombia ninth, Spain tenth.

Bangladesh is now ranked 26th in the list. The number of patients identified as corona in the country so far stands at 12 lakh 40 thousand 115 people. Of these, 20,467 died. In the last 24 hours, 212 more people have died from the virus across the country.

The first coronavirus was detected in December 2019 in Wuhan, China. The first patient in the country died of corona on January 9, 2020. On January 13 of that year, the first corona patient outside China was identified in Thailand.

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