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164 Bangladeshis rescued from Mediterranean

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164 Bangladeshis rescued
A total of 439 migrants have been rescued and detained from the Mediterranean on their way to Europe illegally from Libya. The Bangladesh embassy in Libya has confirmed that there are 164 Bangladeshis among them.

The Libyan Observer reports that the country's Coast Guard conducted two separate rescue operations on Thursday, June 10. In this operation 439 immigrants were rescued. They are all citizens of different countries in Africa and Asia. They were trying to get to Europe by sea.

A spokesman for the Libyan navy said that after the rescue, two of their ships brought migrants to the naval base in the capital, Tripoli. They have been handed over to the Illegal Immigration Prevention Authority for further processing.

At present, the asylum seekers are kept in shelters. The embassy has also searched for Bangladeshis, said Gazi Mohammad, the charge of the affairs. Asaduzzaman Kabir.

It may be mentioned that the Bangladeshi navy rescued 6 Bangladeshis in a boat sinking off the coast of Tunisia on May 18. Thirteen Bangladeshis are still missing in the incident. They were all crossing the Mediterranean from Libya to Italy.

As of May this year, the Libyan Coast Guard rescued 9,216 migrants on their way to Europe by sea. More than 7,000 were rescued during the same period last year. Libyan Interior Minister Khalid Tizani Mazan made the remarks during a meeting with European Union Home Affairs Commissioner Elva Johansson on Monday, June 7.

During a meeting with visiting British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace in Tripoli on Thursday, Libyan Interior Minister Khalid Tizani Mazan said there were currently about 600,000 migrants from various countries in Libya.

According to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), between January and April this year, about 11,000 migrants crossed the Mediterranean to Europe, up 73 percent from last year.

In addition, more than 700 immigrants died between January and May 21. The death toll last year was 1,400.

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