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200 dangerous parts like 'time bomb' orbiting in space

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'time bomb' orbiting in space
Of the more than 26,000 instruments in Earth's orbit, only about 3,500 are known to be active, except for an active satellite. It contains about 200 heavy metal objects that can be compared to a time bomb. These can cause an accident at any time.

This information has been reported in the news of BBC media.

'Time Bomb' orbiting in space. An online map called 'Austria Graph' has been created with US government funding to monitor these spacecraft. Professor Moriba Jah of Space Science at the University of Texas in the United States created the map with his colleagues.

According to Professor Moriba Jah, the Austria graph is able to tell the approximate current position of objects in space. In particular, Austria Graph is keeping an eye on the 200 rocket body super-spreaders that remain in space. If these are broken and shattered, they can be broken into thousands of pieces and scattered in space.

This can injure the active satellite. Many things like weather messaging and GPS services can be disrupted.

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