Printed on Thu Oct 06 2022 12:56:45 AM

44 civilian corpses found in building rubble in Izyum

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"The bodies of 44 civilians were found in the temporarily occupied Izyum from under the rubble of a five-storey building, which was destroyed by the occupiers in the first decade of March," Oleg Sinegubov, head of Kharkiv regional military administration, has said.

"This is another horrible war crime of the Russian military against the civilian population," he said on Telegram.

Izyum considered the gateway to the Donbas region in the eastern part of the country and through there to the Black Sea, was a fierce battleground in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine before being captured by the Russian troops on 1 April.

Thousands of civilians became trapped in the city. More than 80 percent of the buildings had been destroyed.


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