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49 Bangladeshis rescued from Mediterranean

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49 Bangladeshis
The Tunisian navy has rescued 49 Bangladeshi migrants from a boat that sank in the Mediterranean. They were rescued last Thursday, July 8. These illegal immigrants traveled from Libya to Europe.

Citing the Tunisian navy, the country's state news agency TAP reported on Friday, July 9.

According to the Tunisian navy, 49 Bangladeshis boarded a boat in the Mediterranean on July 5 from the Libyan coast of Libya to Europe. Three days after the voyage, the boat capsized 80 miles off the coast of Georgia, Tunisia, and the 49 Bangladeshis took refuge in an oil tanker.

From there, a team from the Tunisian navy rescued them and took them to Georges. They were later transferred from there to the town of El Tef in Ben Guardan.

Earlier, on July 3, a wrecked boat sank in the Mediterranean Sea with at least 43 migrants and refugees from four countries, including Bangladesh and Egypt, en route from Libya to Italy. The Tunisian Red Crescent Society said the 43 people, including Bangladeshis, were feared dead.

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