Printed on Sat Oct 01 2022 8:25:36 AM

6 Bangladeshis detained on their way back from India illegally

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6 Bangladeshis detained
The third day lockdown of the second phase is going on in Satkhira. Meanwhile, the BGB detained six Bangladeshis while returning from India illegally. They were detained in raids at Taluigachha, Baikari, Hijaldi and Madras on the border from Sunday night to Monday morning.

BGB-33 Battalion Commander Lieutenant Colonel Al Mahmud said the detainees were returning to Bangladesh without passports. They have been sent to the institutional quarantine under administrative management.

Al-Mahmoud added that 54 people, including three human traffickers, have been detained at the Satkhira border in the past three weeks.

Meanwhile, the lockdown is going on loosely in Satkhira. Despite the presence of police on the road, small vehicles are running. There are also public gatherings at the market place. Many are not wearing masks. People are walking on the road avoiding the police obstruction and the mobile court.

Meanwhile, in Satkhira till Monday morning, in the last 24 hours, 93 people have tested positive and 44 people have tested positive for corona. The detection rate is 47.31 percent. Satkhira Sadar Hospital Medical Officer Jayant Kumar Sarkar has given this information.

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