Printed on Fri Aug 12 2022 6:51:14 AM

89 more admitted to hospital due to dengue

Staff Correspondent
89 more admitted
In the last 24 hours, 89 more people have been admitted to the hospital due to dengue fever.

With this, the number of dengue patients has risen to 26,542 this year and a total of 98 people have died.

This information has been informed by the health department on Monday.

According to the department, 75 new patients were admitted in Dhaka 24 hours from Sunday morning till 6 am on Monday and 14 people were admitted outside Dhaka.

Of the total number of dengue patients this year, 2,733 were admitted in November, 5,458 in October, 7,841 in September, 7,698 in August, 2,286 in July, 272 in June, and 43 in May.

Of the 98 deaths from dengue this year, 6 died this month, 22 on October, 23 on September, 34 in August, and 12 in July.

According to the Department of Health, at present 388 people are admitted in public and 46 are admitted to private hospitals in Dhaka and 118 people are admitted to other departments.

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