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Guzman, a Maoist guerrilla leader in Peru, has died

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Abimael Guzmán
Abimael Guzmán, a Maoist guerrilla leader in the Latin American country of Peru, has died in captivity. This information was given in the BBC report on Sunday.

Guzmán is the founder of the Shining Path, a Maoist rebel group in Peru. The former professor of philosophy had been serving a life sentence since 1992 on charges of terrorism and treason.

Guzman suffered various health problems while incarcerated last July. He was then taken to the jail hospital. He was later brought back to jail. He died in jail on Saturday.

In Peru, Guzman-based Maoist guerrillas have been embroiled in a bloody conflict with government forces for more than a decade. About 60,000 people were killed or displaced in the conflict.

Guzman was arrested in 1992. His organization was severely shocked when he was arrested. Some members of his organization are still active in the coca-producing region of Peru.

In 1969, Guzman and 11 others founded Shining Path. Inspired by Maoism, the guerrilla group sought to overthrow Peru's "bourgeois democracy" and wage a "people's war" to establish a communist state. The group did not engage in armed struggle from the beginning. At one point they became involved in horrific bloody armed activities.

The first democratic elections were held in 1980 after a decade of military rule in Peru. At this time the armed revolutionary activities of the Shining Path began. The Shining Path not only boycotted the election, they disrupted the election by burning ballot boxes in Ayakucho.

The Peruvian government struggled to cope with the armed guerrilla activity that the Shining Path began in the 1980s. Even a state of emergency has to be declared.

The estimated number of members of Shining Path was 10 thousand. Many people in Peru lost their lives in their violent activities.

Guzman was arrested in 1992 in the capital, Lima. He was tried in secret military court. He was sentenced to life imprisonment.

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