Printed on Sun Aug 07 2022 6:17:19 PM

'We are passing through an abnormal situation'

Staff Correspondent
abnormal situation
Referring to the expatriate Bangladeshis as development partners in the country, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said the country is moving forward, will move forward. No one will ever be able to pull us back.

She made the remarks at a civic reception in the United Arab Emirates. During her visit to the UAE at 7.30 pm local time, the Prime Minister participated virtually from Abu Dhabi.

Sheikh Hasina said, after seventy-five there was a black chapter that occurred in our history.

That black cloud is gone. Now we are taking Bangladesh forward with the Father of the Nation ideology. Bangladesh will be developed, prosperous, free from hunger and poverty.

That country will walk with its head held high with respect. We will realize the dream of the father of the nation.

Noting that the country faced a problem during the Covid-19 pandemic, she said now there is another new problem and that’s the situation created by the war between Ukraine and Russia. This is why we are going through an abnormal situation.

As the price of oil has gone up all around the world, We have to deal with some problems for it.

"But I believe and we all believe we can deal with this," she added.
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