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Death toll in the accident in Italy risen to 14

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accident in Italy
The death toll from car crashes in Italy has risen to 14. The accident happened on a hill near Lake Majore in the northern part of the country on Sunday afternoon. One of the dead was a child.

The British media, the BBC, reported that the accident happened while taking passengers from Stresa, a resort town in the northern Piedmont region of Italy, to the mountains of Mottaren.

The Italian emergency services have released some pictures of the accident. It can be seen that this is the only car bogie lying on the hillside.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry said five of the dead were Israeli nationals.

Local officials said two children injured in the crash had been taken to a hospital in Turin. They are five and seven years old.

A spokesman for the National Alpine Rescue Service told that the accident was "fatal". The car was crushed due to falling from a great height.

According to the Stressa-Alptine-Mottare cable car website, at an altitude of 1,491 meters above sea level, the cable car usually allows passengers to board for 20 minutes.

According to local media, the car broke the rope and fell 300 meters before reaching the station at the top of the hill.

The Italian news agency Ansa said there were 11 passengers in the car before the accident. It was recently introduced after the coronavirus ban was lifted.

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