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Reasons why WhatsApp can ban or remove your account

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WhatsApp is currently the most popular messaging app in the world. Using this app it is possible to communicate with people in any part of the world over a voice call or video call instantly. There are also a number of features and benefits that are really useful in everyday life. However, a little carelessness can block the WhatsApp account. So there are several things to keep in mind when using this app.

Don't use WhatsApp as spam. Doing this over and over again can be a problem. Spam is the use of messaging systems to send multiple unsolicited messages to large numbers of recipients for the purpose of commercial advertising, for the purpose of non-commercial proselytizing, for any prohibited purpose or simply sending the same message over and over to the same user.

If a user is banned more than once within less than a day, the WhatsApp authorities may deactivate that user's WhatsApp account.

Immediately stop spreading false and misleading news to different groups. This may result in banning your account. It is better not to forward the link that will arouse suspicion in WhatsApp.

If the WhatsApp authorities detect that you have opened an account on behalf of someone else or manage someone else's account, the account will be banned.

If many users report against your WhatsApp account or if many bring various complaints against you, then your account will be banned by the WhatsApp authorities.

If you use various third-party WhatsApp apps like WhatsApp Delta, WhatsApp Plus, Gb WhatsApp, your WhatsApp account may be banned forever. Because in the interest of privacy, WhatsApp does not allow its users to use these third-party apps.

Don't post anything illegal, offensive, violent, or threatening to anyone on WhatsApp. This allows other users to report against your account. And because of this, your WhatsApp account may be banned.

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