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Eminent actor Enamul Haque passes away

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Actor Enamul Haque
Actor Enamul Haque died at the hospital on Monday afternoon.

Hridi Haque, daughter of Enamul Haque, confirmed the matter.

Enamul Haque started his career in 1968 as a playwright. The name of the first written play is 'Onekdiner Ekdin'. Abdullah Al Mamun produced the play for television. So far he has written 60 plays for television.

Among the popular TV dramas written by him are 'Seishob Dingulu' (Liberation War Drama), 'Nirjan Saikate' and 'Ke Ba Apan Ke Ba Par'.

The first play written for the stage was called 'Bibaho Utshob'. He wrote it for Udichi. The name of the first play written for his own group Nagarik Natangan is 'Grihabasi'.

The play was written in 1983. It is a very popular drama on the stage of Dhaka.
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