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Actor Mahmud Sajjad passed away

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Actor Mahmud Sajjad
TV drama and film actor Mahmud Sajjad has died. He died at the Evercare Hospital in the capital.

Mahmud Sajjad's brother M Hamid confirmed the matter on Sunday afternoon.

He said, 'My brother is no more. He died at 3:30 this afternoon.

He has been in the ICU of Evercare Hospital since September 1.

M Hamid further said, "A few days ago, a medical board was formed for Mahmud Sajjad. The doctors gave some new antibiotics. Towards the end he could not eat anything. He was fed with a tube."

Mahmud Sajjad was taken to hospital after contracting corona. He was kept in the ICU from the beginning.

Physical complications have occurred since the corona came negative. He was later taken to the ICU again for complications. The actor has been in ICU for 54 days since then.

His first serial drama is "Sakal Sandhya". Sajjad also acted in several films including director Zahir Raihan's "Sansar" and Khan Ataur Rahman's "Jharer Pakhi" and "Apon Par".

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