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At least 20 dead in Argentina after consuming adulterated cocaine

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adulterated cocaine
At least 20 people died and 74 more were hospitalized in a northwestern suburb of Buenos Aires after consuming cocaine cut with a toxic substance, possibly opioids, authorities said.

Officials said they are working quickly to determine what the cocaine was mixed with, but warned those who have bought the drug over the last 24 hours to dispose of it.

Sergio Berni, the security chief for Buenos Aires province, told the television channel Telefe authorities were trying to locate the toxic substance “to remove it from circulation.”

About 10 people were arrested after police raided a house in the poor Tres de Febrero neighborhood where they believe the cocaine was sold.

Packets of cocaine similar to those described by the victims’ families were seized.

The drugs were taken to a laboratory in La Plata, the capital of Buenos Aires province, for analysis.

Authorities issued an urgent warning early Wednesday after three separate hospitals reported several deaths and serious cases of poisoning. Later in the day, eight hospitals were treating patients.
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