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4 crore people are infected by corona

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infected by corona
Around 4 crore people have been identified as infected by the pandemic coronavirus in the world. The death toll has risen to more than 11 lakh.

As of Saturday morning, October 17, the number of people infected with coronavirus (Covid-19) worldwide had risen to 3 crores and 95 lakh 85 thousand 854, according to the World Survey. Of these, 11 lakh and 9 thousand 130 people have died. And so far 2 crores and 96 lakh 55 thousand 601 people have recovered.

The United States has the highest number of corona deaths in the world. As of Saturday morning, the number of victims in the country was 82 lakh and 88 thousand 278 people. 2 lakh and 23 thousand 644 people have died.

Brazil is the second most affected country in the Corona after the United States. Although it is in third place in terms of attacks, it is in second place in terms of death. The Latin American country has so far been affected by 52 lakh and 1 thousand 570 people and 1 lakh and 53 thousand 229 people have died.

India, which is in the second place in terms of attacks, is in the third place considering death. So far, the number of victims in the country is 74 lakh and 30 thousand 635 people. And 1 lakh and 13 thousand 32 people have died.

The deadly coronavirus has spread to 16 countries worldwide since the outbreak began in December 2019 in the Chinese city of Wuhan. The World Health Organization (WHO) declared the coronavirus crisis an epidemic on March 11.

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