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Google locked some Afghan government's email account

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Afghan government's email account
Google has recently temporarily shut down some of the former Afghan government's email accounts. This information has been informed in the special report of the news agency Reuters.

A source told Reuters that the digital documents left by former officials and their international associates were in danger of falling into the hands of the Taliban.

After the rapid collapse of the US-sponsored government in Afghanistan at the hands of the Taliban, media reports said Afghans may have to use biometric and financial transaction databases to locate enemies.

A statement from Alphabet Inc., Alphabet Inc's Google (GOOGL.O), did not confirm the matter. However, it said, "We are taking temporary action on some accounts for security reasons."

A former official in the IT department of the Afghan government's ministry told Reuters that the Taliban wanted to take over the emails of former officials. Last month, the Taliban asked him to save government information.

The officer went into hiding without listening to the Taliban. Reuters did not reveal his name or the ministry in which he worked.

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