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'Afghan women should not work alongside men'

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Afghan women
When Afghan women take to the streets to demand their rights, that moment senior Taliban leader Waheeduddin Hashimi says Afghan women should not be allowed to work alongside men.

Reuters reports that the official introduction of the rule would cut off job opportunities for Afghan women in many cases, including in government offices, banks, and media companies.

Waheeduddin Hashimi told Reuters they wanted full implementation of Sharia law in Afghanistan. However, the international community has been saying that if Afghan women want, they have the right to work and that right must be given to them.

From 1996 to 2001, during the Taliban regime, women were not allowed to leave their homes without the written permission of men. Despite that permission, they had to go out wearing a full-covered burqa. Girls were not allowed to go to school. Adults women were not allowed to work.

Ever since the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, concerns have been raised about the future of women. Many of the country's women politicians have left the country. Many women athletes, actors, journalists, and rights activists are in hiding.

Waheeduddin Hashimi said, "We have been fighting for the establishment of Sharia law in Afghanistan for almost 40 years. And men and women living together outside the family, sitting under one roof, these are not in the Shariah.

Women and men cannot work together, it is clear. They can't come to our offices, they can't work in our ministries.

Waheeduddin Hashimi added, "We definitely need women in education and health. We will set up a separate institution for them. There could be different hospitals, different universities, different schools, different madrasas."
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