Printed on Sun Jul 03 2022 8:15:11 AM

1 killed, 13 injured in Anti-Government Protests

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Anti-Government Protests
For the first time in weeks, anti-government protests in Sri Lanka have been marred by law enforcement due to the deepening economic crisis. On Tuesday, in protest of sharp oil shortages and high prices, One was killed and 13 were injured in police firing in this protest.

Fifteen policemen were hospitalized with minor injuries after clashes broke out with protesters.

Police spokesman Nihal Thalduwa confirmed the information that police fired on protesters from the capital Colombo, 90 kilometers "55 miles" northwards and later they announced the curfew in the area. He said protesters blocked railways and roads and ignored police warnings to disperse. Protesters hurled stones at police.

Kegalle Government Hospital. Mihiri Priyangani said 14 people were brought in with gunshot wounds and one died. The other three have undergone surgery and are being monitored. She said some of the policemen who were treated at the hospital sustained minor injuries, most likely due to stone injuries.

The country is on the brink of bankruptcy, with foreign reserves sinking and 25 billion in foreign debt.

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