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Copa America: Brazil & Argentina are on the same team

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Argentina Brazil Copa America
Lionel Messi's Argentina won the title after a long 28 years by beating Brazil in the Copa America final last year. Exactly one year later, another Copa America drum is ringing. Argentina will have to play in the same group as Brazil, the most successful team in Copa America.

This Copa America is, of course, the Copa America for women. The women's Copa America is taking place in the middle of this year. The matches will be held in Cali, Bucaramanga and Armenia from July 8 to 30.

The draw was held yesterday, April 7. Where 10 conmebol teams are divided into two groups. Brazil and Argentina are in the same group. Brazil-Argentina will play in Copa America in Group B. Their groupmates are Peru, Venezuela and Uruguay.

Brazil has won the title six times in the history of the competition, and Argentina has won once. The two most successful teams in the competition are meeting at the beginning of this year's event.

The draw was held in Asuncion, Paraguay. The mascot of the competition was unveiled at the event. The mascot of this year's Copa America is Alma.

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