Printed on Wed Sep 28 2022 7:04:48 PM

Three arrested for killing Doctor Bulbul

Staff Correspondent
arrested bulbul
Police have arrested three people in connection with the murder of dentist Ahmed Mahi Bulbul in the capital's Mirpur.

A message from the Dhaka Metropolitan Police on Wednesday said some evidence had been recovered from the detainees.

No official information has been released on when or where they were arrested and their identities were.

ASM Mahatab Uddin, deputy commissioner of Mirpur division of the metropolitan police, said they would release details in a press conference later.

Bulbul was stabbed near Pillar No. 278 of Metrorail in Shewrapara around 5:30 am on Sunday. Pedestrians first took him to Al Helal Hospital in the area.

But as there was no treatment, he was taken to Suhrawardy Medical College Hospital. He later died there.

Police said  Bulbul was caught by the snatcher after leaving his house to go to Noakhali that morning.

However, his father-in-law Yakub Ali expressed doubts about the police's idea as the 12,000 takas and mobile phone with Bulbul were not lost.
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