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2 alleged assassins' of Haitian President is in custody

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assassination of Haitian President
The assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moïse has caused a storm of concern and condemnation in the international arena. Meanwhile, 4 suspects lost their lives in the police operation; Two others have been taken into custody.

The caretaker Prime Minister said the killings were premeditated. So that trained assassins armed with heavy weapons took part. The administration said this during the investigation at the President's residence in the capital.

The First Lady, who was seriously injured in the attack, has been taken to the United States for advanced treatment. Neighboring countries have also closed their borders to avoid crises.

Meanwhile, the UN has called for maintaining constitutional rule in the country following the brutal assassination of the 53-year-old president. Director General Antonio Guterres also called for unity in avoiding violence.

After taking power in 2017, the president took strict action against terrorist organizations. This year, there was talk of reforming the constitution on this issue.

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