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At least 22 killed in Pakistan Bus Crash

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A passenger bus plunged hundreds of feet into a ditch on a mountain road in Pakistan's Balochistan province. At least 22 people, including women and children, were killed. Besides, several others were injured in the accident.

The accident happened around 12-noon local time on Wednesday, June 8, according to the country's media.

According to media reports, a passenger bus met with an accident near Killa Saifullah while traveling on the Jhab National Highway in Balochistan. 22 passengers were killed when the bus plunged into a ravine hundreds of feet below the road, passing by a steep hillside.

Hafiz Muhammad Qasim, the deputy commissioner of the Jhab district in Balochistan, said the bus carrying about 23 passengers started its journey from Loralai to Jhab on Wednesday morning. Near Akhtarzai, the bus first hit a hill on the side of the road and then took a sharp turn and crashed into a ravine 500 meters below the road. 22 passengers were killed in the accident.

Akhtarzai is a tribal area of ​​Balochistan. This place is located at an altitude of 1,582 meters.

Rescue officials from Pakistan's Emergency Services 1122 say a child has been rescued with serious injuries. He is currently being treated in Quetta.

The bodies of all the passengers killed in the accident have been taken to Sadar Hospital in Killa Saifullah district. The dead included5 children, 5 women and 11 men.

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