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Former Australian PM fined for not wearing mask

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Australian PM fined for not wearing mask
Former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has been fined 500 dollars by police in the state of New South Wales for violating the Corona Special Public Health Act.

Tony Abbott served as Prime Minister of Australia from 2013 to 2015. He was the leader of the ruling Liberal Party from 2009 to 2015.

The former prime minister was walking with a few people on Manley Beach last Wednesday. Others had masks on their faces but Tony Abbott did not. At that time, a pedestrian took a picture and sent it to the police.

Police in the state of New South Wales say a former prime minister has been fined for disobeying a public order.

When state health minister Brad Hazard came to the daily coronavirus press conference, reporters wanted to know about the incident.

"I would say that no matter who you are or where your life is, you have to obey the law. We know that many people do not like these orders but it has kept everyone safe," he said

Tony Abbott has denied that he has broken the law. "I am not going to challenge the fine because I will not waste the time of police," he said.

The state of New South Wales is the worst infected state in Corona in all of Australia. The lockdown has been going on for three consecutive months. Curfew is in force. The army has been sent down to abide by the Covid 19 rules. Even then, the state government is struggling to control the pandemic. The number of identified and dead is increasing rapidly every day.

Naturally, the administration is not giving any concessions to anyone.

Earlier on June 28, police fined the current Deputy Prime Minister of Australia Barnaby Joyce 200 dollars for not wearing the mask. The minister then told the media, I was only 30-second without a mask. It was my wrong decision. I apologize for this. I thank the police for carrying out their duties properly.

In April last year, Minister Bob Aaron was fined 1,000 dollars by police for violating the Corona Act. He resigned in that incident.

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