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'BACHAO' app to prevent sexual harassment and rape

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'BACHAO' app
As citizens of the country, it is everyone's responsibility to help prevent rape. Only when everyone is united, it will be possible to stop this heinous act of destroying the lives of countless women. There has been enough talk about this.

Now is the time to start working. And the 'Bachao' app is an excellent initiative to meet this goal.

Everyone should be registered as a volunteer so that it is possible to save someone from something terrible.

The 'Bachao' app is designed to help prevent rape. Rape is a crime that is on the rise in the country.

Jalal Mirza, CEO of Bachao.Life Foundation, said, “A personal incident inspired me to create Bachao app. My sister's marriage ended with brutal assaults and rapes. My mother never accepted this brutality. The incident drove her away even to the day of her death. On her deathbed, she asked me if I could do anything to save helpless women like my sister as a successful computer engineer. She died that night. That one question persuaded me to start a project.

'Bachao' uses GPS technology and relies heavily on registered volunteers, he said. Anyone can volunteer after downloading the app. When someone in danger presses the 'Bachao' red button, all the volunteers in the vicinity can be seen on the live GPS map.

Jalal said, "Volunteers will then be able to see the victim's location on the live GPS map, along with the distance and direction. Volunteers can communicate with her through messaging and audio calls. If the victim is not safe within 20 minutes of the alert, the nearest police station will be alerted to the incident with her exact location and phone number. Once safe, the victim can press the 'Safe Now' green button."

'Bachao' started its journey on October 2 this year. This is a free app that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. It can also be downloaded from the 'Bachao' website ( and Facebook page (

Bachao.Life Foundation is a non-profit social organization. The foundation is officially registered. The goal is to reduce the incidence of sexual harassment in Bangladesh.

Jalal said, "We are planning to bring a new version of the app in November this year. It will have a simple SMS interface for users in rural areas who do not have a smartphone or computing literacy. We have contacted BTRC for a shortcode so that people can easily send SMS to use the app and system.

You can go to to see how the app works.

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