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Bangladesh has advanced in all indicators of development

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Bangladesh has made unprecedented progress in all indicators of development, said PM Sheikh Hasina. The mega-projects adopted by the present government are moving fast. In the last thirteen and a half years.

PM  said the mega-projects undertaken by the present government are progressing fast. We have successfully tackled the Corona pandemic. I have reduced the poverty rate below 20.5%. I am giving electricity facility to 100% people. We have adopted a 'Zero Tolerance Policy' to eradicate militancy, terrorism and corruption. In the meantime, we have made Bangladesh a developing country.

PM said this in a message on the occasion of the historic Mujibnagar Day on Sunday, 17th April.

She said that we have started adopting and implementing the second perspective plan to achieve the goal of sustainable development by 2030 and to build a prosperous and prosperous Bangladesh free from hunger and poverty by 2041. We have formulated Bangladesh Delta Plan-2100 and its implementation has also started.

She said the Awami League had won a single majority in the 1970 elections by winning 167 and 298 seats, including reserved women's seats in the national and provincial assemblies. On 3 January 1971, all the elected members of the Awami League under the leadership of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman took oath to formulate the constitution on 6-point basis at Racecourse Maidan.

PM said a Constituent Assembly was formed on April 10 during the war of liberation with Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman as President, Syed Nazrul Islam as Vice President and Tajuddin Ahmed as Prime Minister. The Mujibnagar government issued the Declaration of Independence with the full support and approval of Sheikh Mujib Declaration of Independence.

PM further said that the first government of an independent Nation was sworn in on 17 April in a simple ceremony in the presence of hundreds of local and foreign journalists in Baidyanathtala, Meherpur. Besides, the declaration of independence was approved on this day. Meherpur became the capital of the Provisional Government and from that day onwards the place became known as 'Mujibnagar'.

She said the father of the nation had drafted a constitution in just nine months giving priority to the fundamental rights of the people. Within 3 and a half years, he transformed a war-torn country into a least developed country. Unfortunately, on August 15, 1975, the freedom fighters brutally murdered the father of the nation and his family. On November 3, the national four leaders were also brutally killed in jail. After that, for 21 long years there was no democracy in Bangladesh.

PM added that within two hours of the Mujibnagar government's inauguration, the Pakistan Air Force bombed and attacked and captured Meherpur. As a result, the Provisional Government was forced to take refuge in India and continue its activities from there. Through nine months of armed struggle, the final victory was achieved on 16 December and an independent sovereign Bangladesh was established.

Sheikh Hasina remembered Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman with deep respect and gratefully remembered the four national leaders who led the liberation war - Syed Nazrul Islam, Tajuddin Ahmed, Mohammad Mansur Ali and Abul Hasnat Mohammad Kamaruzzaman.

She also paid tribute to the memory of three lakh martyrs and two lakh oppressed mothers and sisters of the liberation war and wished overall success to all the programs taken on the occasion of the day.

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