Printed on Wed Sep 28 2022 8:30:30 PM

'North Korean hackers involved in stealing money from Bangladesh Bank'

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Bangladesh Bank
Hackers from North Korea were involved in money laundering at the Central Bank of Bangladesh. New information has come up in the investigative report of the British news media BBC.

Reporters Geoff White and Jean H. Lee have released a new 10-episode report. It said the gang used fake bank accounts, charities, casinos and a group of crooks to divert large sums of money. Pyongyang received the money from Manila. But all signs of theft remain with the North Korean government.

The FBI has said that Bangladesh Bank has long been a target for hackers. Computer programmer Park Jean-Yok has been named as the mastermind of the Lazarus Group. However, neighboring China has cooperated in training, surveillance and money laundering.

On February 4, 2016, hackers entered the bank's network due to weak security. Although there was a plan to steal 1 billion, they managed to smuggle 8 crore 10 lakh dollar.

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