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'It's time to rebuild Bangladesh-UK relations'

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Bangladesh-UK relations
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has said it is time to rebuild Bangladesh-UK relations. She made the remarks while addressing the British Parliament.

Sheikh Hasina said, “In fact, it is time to build a new relationship between Bangladesh and the United Kingdom. We need to change the way we look at partnerships."

The Prime Minister also called upon the international community to play an active role in repatriating Rohingya refugees to their homeland Myanmar, ensuring security and dignity. She added that the role of the United Kingdom is important in solving this problem.

She was speaking at a program titled 'Bangladesh at 50: The Resilient Delta' at the Speaker's House State Room in Westminster, London on Wednesday.

Rushanara Ali, Member of Parliament, and member of the House of Lords Jitesh Gadhia, Member of the House of Lords, welcomed the Prime Minister to Westminster.

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