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'Romania will host Bangladeshis stranded in Ukraine'

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Bangladeshis stranded in Ukraine
State Minister for Foreign Affairs Shahriar Alam has directed Bangladeshis living in southern and southwestern Ukraine to move to neighboring Romania.

On Friday, February 25 at noon, he gave this instruction in a status given on his social media handle.

"Those are in southern and southwestern Ukraine can go to Romania," he wrote in the status.

"The Romanian government will arrange a two-day stay and then arrange for them to return to Bangladesh under the supervision of the Bangladesh Embassy in Bucharest."

The Bangladesh Embassy in Romania will issue a more detailed notice.

Russia, meanwhile, is angry at Ukraine for trying to join NATO. Russia has been attacking the country since yesterday. So far 137 people have been reported killed in the attack.

Russia's military has seized control of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in the country.

Bangladeshis are in danger due to the crisis created by Russia with Ukraine. The government has already issued various directives to ensure their safety. They have been instructed to go to Romania.

Emergency contact number from Bangladesh Embassy in Romania for stranded Bangladeshis in Ukraine who want to cross the border from Romanian side,
Contact number +40 (742) 553 809 for those who want to cross Romania And Moldova borders.

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