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Barcelona got victory in Allianz

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Barcelona got victory
Messi returned from Ronaldo's house with victory. Barcelona returned from Italy with a victory. They lose Juventus by 2-0 margin. Messi and Dembele scored two goals for the Catalans, wasting several easy chances.

On the other hand, the curse of red card and VAR has been a frustrating companion for Juventus at home.

Cristiano Ronaldo is frastrated  not to join with this game. The positive result of 3 times in Corona Test has also disappointed the fans.

The absence of CR7 is a relief for club Barcelona.

The D-Box is dominated by the Catalans. Osman Dembele's goal in the 14th minute gave sharpness to the attack.

Fans were waiting for the magical performance of Messi, who had just won the battle with Josep Maria Bartomeu, who had just resigned as club president.

However, the Barca star suddenly forgot the address of the net.

Dembele-Griezmann also failed to keep pace with the team's best player massi.

It is not like that Juventus has remained completely silent.

But, Alvaro Morata’s luck was bad. He tried twice. But failed. Twice the goal was canceled. The first one was handball and the second one was offside.

Morata was also the victim of VAR's final farce in the second half. His  third try was also canceled in 55 minutes. Juventus coach Pirlo was also frustrated with VAR.

On the other hand, nothing went well with Juventus. A bad penalty whistle occurred against them.

Messi also got his third goal of the season from a spot kick.

When Ansu Fati lost an easy chance at the last minute, the Catalans had to leave Italy with a scoreline of 2-0.

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