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Two injured in Baridhara blast

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Baridhara blast
A gas explosion took place on the ground floor of a residential building in Baridhara of the capital. The fire service said two people were injured in the incident around 11 am on Sunday.

This information was given by Lima Khanam, the officer in charge of the control room of the Fire Service and Civil Defense Department.

Lima Khanam said, ‘The gas explosion took place in the building No. 15, Road No. 6, Block K, Baridhara residential area.

On the ground floor of a two-story building, a gas leak enters the room. At one point the gas congealed and exploded. Then there was a fire. Upon receiving the news, two units of the fire service rushed to the spot and brought the fire under control.

Lima Khanam added, "Two people were burnt in the fire. The locals admitted them to a local hospital. I got the name of one of the two. He is the owner of the building Asif Sadiq (50). Another is his nephew. However, his name was not known.

Lima Khanam said, "Initial investigations by fire service personnel have revealed that the gas had exploded in an empty room downstairs. The fire service will report a full investigation into the incident. A car parked in front of the building was also damaged in the blast."

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