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Bee-attack killed 32 pigeons in Kurigram

Correspondent, Kurigram
Bee-attack in Kurigram
Thirty-two pigeons have died in a bee attack at Ulipur in Kurigram. At that time 6 cows, 2 goats, and 3 persons were injured. The incident took place in the Farajipara village of the Tabakpur union of the Upazila.

The injured are UP member Radhanath Barman (55), mother Surobala (70), and wife Purnima Rani (50) of Farajipara village.

The incident took place at the house of UP member Radhanath Barman of Faraji Para village in the Tabakpur union of the Upazila on Wednesday afternoon.

According to local sources, there was a large beehive on the mango tree in the backyard of UP member Radhanath Barman's house. On Wednesday afternoon, a few hawks suddenly attacked the beehive. In this, the beehive starts running in all directions. They later attacked several pigeons in the house of the UP member. It killed 32 pigeons. The bee attack also injured three members of the family, including six cows, two goats, and a member. There is panic in the area due to the bees.

Neighbor Bhushan Barman said, "I got the news and ran away, but there is no way. We were also scared of bee stings. Seeing the bee attack, we moved away."

In this regard, UP member Radhanath Barman said, "None of us knew that there was a beehive behind the mango tree. Today, suddenly, hawks attack the beehive, and then the bees were attacked us.

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