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What is the best time of day to exercise?

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best time of day to exercise
Which is the right time to exercise, it should be chosen keeping in mind the daily routine. When you exercise in the morning or at noon or in the evening will depend on what type of exercise is right for you. The fitness plan needs to be adjusted keeping a balance between the time and type of exercise.

When exercising in the morning, you have to keep positive energy in your body. At the same time, requires perfect concentration. So you can't get up in the morning and exercise.

After waking up, the body has to take some time to become active. If you want to exercise within half an hour of waking up due to lack of time, do light jogging or morning work.

If you want to do any heavy exercise in the morning, you have to warm up properly before that. If necessary, consult with a fitness expert.

If you have an exercise plan in the morning, you should sleep at the right time. After seven to eight hours of sleep, after waiting for a certain time, you have to start exercising. However, if you are late for bed, you will not be able to exercise as per your daily routine. This can put a lot of pressure on the body.

Six hours after waking up is a good time for exercise. If someone wakes up at six in the morning, any time between one in the afternoon and seven in the evening is a good time for him.

Talk to a fitness expert about how long after lunch you should start exercising.

If you have a plan for heavy exercise for two hours or more every day, you can choose any time of the day.

Exercise can be done back from the office in the evening. However, one must get enough rest before starting. Then there will be no fatigue in the body during exercise.

Yoga is suitable in the evening. A treadmill, twister exercise or cycling can be done at home. Meditate for 15 minutes after exercising in the evening.

Good results are not obtained if there is no balance between exercise time and meal time.

Body temperature and hormonal flow increase after exercise. So it is better not to do heavy exercise before going to sleep.

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