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Onion import from India started through Bhomra port

Sathkhir Corrospondent
Bhomra port
Onion imports from India have started through Bhomra port after being closed for five consecutive days. The import process started at 12:30 pm on Saturday, September 19.

However, only those onion trucks that have Leo permission will be allowed to enter the country, the C&F leaders said.

Maqsood Khan, treasurer of the Bhomra C&F Agents Association, an association of traders, said onion trucks from India have started entering the country. However, only trucks with Leo permission (complete all documents) can enter the country. The Delhi government has allowed the export of 25,000 metric tonnes of onions through three ports, including Bhomra.

Mostafizur Rahman Nasim, general secretary of the Bhomra C&F Agents Association, said there were 40-45 trucks loaded with onions licensed by Leo. Besides these, 125 more trucks of onions are stuck in India.

Bhosra land port revenue officer Mohsin Honer said onion imports from India have started. So far, three trucks loaded with onions have entered the country. At 6:30 pm on the last day of the day, it will be known how many onion trucks entered the countr

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