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'BNP are talking openly & without restraint'

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Awami League general secretary and bridge minister Obaidul Quader has said that BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir has been cast as a fortune teller.

He made the remarks while addressing a video conference as the chief guest at the Rangamati district Awami League's triennial conference on Tuesday, May 24.

Obaidul Quader said, Mirza Fakhrul is calculating when the government will be, how long it will be.

The bridge minister said the Padma bridge would be inaugurated in June. Poison in their hearts. They are confusing the common people by throwing stones in the dark. Which will never succeed.

Obaidul Quader said, if we can keep the people happy, the people will bring Awami League to power again in the election. We have seen that when the BNP's term ended, the people dragged them down.

He said all the problems in the hills have been solved except the land problem. If the land problem is solved then all the problems will be solved. A peace agreement was signed to calm the troubled Chittagong Hill Tracts. And all the words of the agreement will be implemented. There is no reason to despair. I still see occasional bleeding in the mountains, all this has to be stopped. Bleeding will not solve any problem.

He further said that lately it is seen that BNP leaders and activists are talking openly and without restraint. I would like to warn you, if you continue talking like this, the leaders and workers of Awami League will resist you on the field. You can't stand when we get on the field.

Rangamati District Awami League President and Member of Parliament Dipankar Talukder presided over the function and General Secretary Haji Musa Matabbar also addressed the function. Planning Secretary Wasika Ayesha Khan, Deputy Publicity and Publication Secretary Aminul Islam, Member of Parliament for the reserved women's seat Basanti Chakma and others.

Earlier in the morning, the first session of the conference began with the performance of the national anthem and the hoisting of party flags. District Awami League committee will be formed in the second session in the afternoon.


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