Printed on Thu Jun 30 2022 4:10:29 PM

'BNP is creating myth to save terrorists'

Staff Correspondent
BNP is creating myth
Awami League General Secretary and Minister for Road Transport and Bridges Obaidul Quader said the arrests were made after watching video footage of any political party who were involved in arson.

He said the government arrested those are involved in the fire-terrorism. Law enforcement agencies are arresting criminals of specific allegations. There is no chance of making fiction here.

He said this at an exchange meeting with officials of Chattogram Road Zone, BRTC and BRTA on Thursday, April 29 in the morning. He virtually joined the meeting from his official residence.

The general secretary of the Awami League said, the way the hellish violence has been carried out in different parts of the country including Dhaka, Hathazari, Brahmanbaria is now as clear as daylight. The BNP is trying to create a fiction through speech statements to save the terrorists by hiding them.

He said, "Under the leadership Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, Bangladesh will procure the second dose of vaccine in time as well as the first dose, InshaAllah. There is no shortage of sincerity of the government in collecting vaccines."

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