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Boat candidate of Chandpur Laxmipur Union Parishad is Salim Khan

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Salim Khan
Incumbent chairman Md. Salim Khan has been nominated by the Awami League as the candidate for the boat symbol in the 10th Laxmipur Model Union Parishad election in Chandpur.

On Saturday, January 30, the local government of Awami League, chaired by Prime Minister and party president Sheikh Hasina, finalized Salim Khan of the People's Representative Nomination Board as the party's candidate. This information has been given in the letter signed by the party's office secretary Barrister Biplob Barua.

Earlier, Md. Salim Khan, the current chairman and president of the union Awami League, was nominated as the candidate of Awami League in the 2016 elections. The election was postponed at the last minute due to border issues.

Md. Salim Khan said that he participated in the Union Parishad elections held in 2011 as a local Awami League-backed candidate, defeating the BNP's strong candidate and was elected as chairman. He also contested the 2003 Union Parishad elections as a local Awami League-backed candidate for the post of chairman. Although he won that farce election, the result sheet was changed at night and he was shown to be defeated by a few votes.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, January 19, at the Laxmipur Model Union Parishad office, the leaders and workers of the extended 9 wards of the local Awami League supported Md. Salim Khan as the chairman candidate.

The Union Parishad elections will be held on February 28. According to the announced schedule, the last date for submission of nominations is February 3, the last date for selection of candidates is February 4 and the last date for withdrawal of Candidacy is February 11. The total number of voters in this union is about 30 thousand.

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