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At least 96 died as boat sank in Mediterranean

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boat sank in Mediterranean
About 100 migrants have died after a ferry carrying them from Libya to Europe crossed the Mediterranean. The matter has been confirmed by the international charity Doctor Without Borders (MSF).

The organization said a commercial tanker named Alegria-1 rescued four people alive from a life raft floating in the Mediterranean early Saturday.

The MSF said in a tweet quoting Alegria-1 that the four rescued had been floating in the sea for at least four days in a boat with about 100 people. According to the logbook of the Alegria-1 tanker, about 96 people died in the sinking.

The MSF said the rescued people needed emergency treatment and protection. Libya is not a safe country, the charity organization said, adding that it would not be right to return migrants who survived the accident to a place where they would face detention, torture, and ill-treatment.

Libya, plagued by conflict and anarchy over the past decade, has become a hotbed of desperate efforts for African and Asian migrants to reach Europe. These migrants often face dire situations in Libya.

Ships that are unsuitable for cruising from Libya and carrying passengers northward often sink or get into trouble. Again, after these migrants return, many face more horrific torture in detention centers.

Meanwhile, on Sunday, April 3, UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) chief Filippo Grandi tweeted in response to the incident. He said more than 90 people had been killed in another Mediterranean tragedy.

He added that Europe had generously demonstrated its capability by effectively sheltering 4 million refugees from Ukraine. Now, if refugees and asylum seekers from other countries want to enter Europe, how will they accept it? This should be considered urgently in the current crisis.
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