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10.5 Million People Got Booster Dose

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Booster Dose
The government has insisted on the second and third booster doses of the vaccine to prevent coronavirus infection. The booster dose was initially limited to six months at the age of 60 and after the second dose, but later the age and time were reduced in two phases. Now the population aged 18 years and above who have passed four months after taking the second dose can come to the center and take the booster dose even if they have not received the SMS.

According to the Department of Health, one crore 5 lakh 68 thousand 900 people have received booster doses in the country so far. This information is known from the press release regarding the corona vaccination sent from the department. It was signed by the director of the management information branch (MIS) and the line director of the department, Prof. Dr. Mizanur Rahman.

It has been said that 12 crores 81 lakh 86 thousand 131 people have come under the first dose of vaccine since the beginning of the vaccination program in the country. Besides, 11 crores 48 lakh 86 thousand 26 people have received two doses of vaccine. These are the vaccines given by Oxford-AstraZeneca, Synoform, Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson.

Vaccination activities for 12-17-year-old students started on November 1 in the country. 1 crore 72 lakh 90 thousand 893 of them have been given the first dose till now. The second dose has been given to 1 crore 57 lakh 38 thousand 365 people.

Meanwhile, on Saturday, April 9, the first dose of the vaccine was given to 2,163 students across the country. The second dose was given to 15,419 people.

According to the department, 2 lakh 12 thousand 256 people in the country have come under the vaccine so far.

Incidentally, the registration of the corona vaccine in the country started on January 26 last year. Vaccination activities started on 8th February.

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