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Do these things if your boyfriend does not give time!

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boyfriend does not give time
One of the most common complaints about a love affair is that the lover does not want to give or does not give time. Those who can keep both engagement and love in balance, are very lucky indeed. But this good fortune is missing in most cases.

It is not very difficult to fall in love with someone or build a love relationship. But the hardest part comes after love begins. Because the relationship is not as easy as it started.

The distance between the two, the misunderstanding, everything seems to grow. If the lover cannot give time, the huff of the lover increases. If you can't break that huff, the quarrel starts. That's how the relationship started to falter. But it is also heartless to break up a relationship just because you have less time or can't give time.

So find out what to do if your boyfriend can't give you time-

Find out at least the reason why your boyfriend can't give you time before you get arrogant or quarrel. If he is an employee, it is normal not to be able to find the time. In that case, it may be that he is not able to give time. Maybe he loves you so much. So you have to understand his inability. But if it happens that your boyfriend is not giving you time at all although he had time, then be careful. So first find out the main reason, then decide the way.

Maybe your special day is gone but he doesn't remember it, or even if he remembers it, he doesn't have time to meet or celebrate together. It is normal for you to be upset in such a situation. So if this happens, explain it to your boyfriend. Let him know how much these little things hurt you. Sit face to face and talk about why he is doing this. If he listens to you or understands your situation, it will be easier to solve the problem.

It is easy to be arrogant with your lover. But don't argue that you can't give time. Think about why he can't give time. You can be arrogant if he does this without any reason. And if there are good reasons for not giving time, then you have to adapt. Speak directly, but do not show absurd anger or quarrel.

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