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Lady Gaga opens up about relationship with Bradley Cooper

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Bradley Cooper
Three years ago, they had the opportunity to work together in the movie 'A Star Is Born'. From there, Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga became friends. The extraordinary performances of the two musicians won the hearts of the audience.

A few days later, these two stars appeared with new buzz. Cooper and Gaga have moved from friendship to love, according to several US media outlets.

The buzz started when Cooper and Gaga were spotted shopping together.

Lady Gaga said during a conversation with Opera Winfrey at an event two years ago, ''I think the press is too stupid to make the buzz. We did a love story. As actors and actresses, of course, we wanted people to believe that we were in love.''

We wanted to give our best in front of the camera lens and we worked hard for it.

Incidentally, the rumor ended his relationship with Cooper's longtime girlfriend Irina Shayk.

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