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5 more arrested in Brahmanbaria violence

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Brahmanbaria violence
Police have arrested five people in connection with the violence in Brahmanbaria. They were arrested in a special police operation on Monday, May 10 at night. According to the police, they are supporters of Hefazat.

Police have so far arrested 462 people in connection with the incidents.

According to police sources, attacks, vandalism, arson and violence took place in Brahmanbaria from March 26 to 28. Hefazat activists and supporters wreaked havoc across the district. Massive vandalism and arson were carried out in various government and private establishments in the district. So far 56 cases have been registered in these incidents. More than 40,000 people have been accused in these cases. Of these, only 414 names have been mentioned. Everyone else is an anonymous miscreant.

Out of 56 cases, 49 cases were registered in Brahmanbaria Sadar Model Police Station, 4 in Ashuganj Police Station, 2 in Sarail Police Station and 1 in Akhaura Railway Police Station.

Police have begun identifying the perpetrators of the violence by reviewing stills and video footage. A special operation team of the police conducted a special operation from midnight yesterday to Tuesday morning. During the operation, six people were arrested in Sadar, Ashuganj and Sarail upazilas of the district.

Additional Superintendent of Police (Crime and Administration) Raich Uddin said five people were arrested in a special police operation at different places yesterday. They are supporters of Hefazat.

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