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4 people including a child burnt in a gas fire in Ashulia

Savar Correspondent
burnt in a gas fire
Four people, including a child, were burnt in a gas fire at a house in Ashulia, Savar. The burn victims have been sent to Sheikh Hasina National Institute of Burn and Plastic Surgery.

According to the fire service, it is initially thought that the gas accumulated in the house exploded when it came in contact with the fire.

The incident took place at Humayun Kabir's house in Pallividyut Cemetery Road area of ​​Ashulia around 5 am on Wednesday, June 02.

They are - the tenant of the house Awal, his  eight years old daughter Afia, wife Renu Begum and another tenant of the house Afroza Begum.

Neighbor Rexona Begum said everyone woke up in the morning to the loud sound of an explosion. Later he got up and saw fire all around. When the bodies of the four people in the house caught fire, they all put it out together. The four were later taken to hospital.

He added that the neighbor was injured in the fire. Hakim and his wife Aduri.

Jahangir Alam, senior station officer of the Dhaka Export Processing Zone (DEPZ) Fire Service, said, "The incident took place shortly after 5am. We were notified later.

‘We went and found out that the four burn victims had been sent to the burn unit. However, two others were not injured.

He said, ‘It looks like gas from the stove or from the toilet has accumulated in the room. An explosion may have occurred if the fire had been lit during cooking in the morning.

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