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Burundi prison fire kills 38 inmates

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Burundi prison fire
A fire at a Burundi prison has killed at least 38 inmates. Several others were seriously injured. A large number of prisoners were inside the jail at the time of the horrific accident. The country's vice-president has confirmed the news of the accident.

This information was given in a report of Arab News.

Witnesses said many inmates were still asleep when the fire broke out in Gitega, the political capital of Burundi. Some have been able to save lives by going down the roof.

Photographs released after the incident show that much of the building has burned down and smoke is constantly billowing into the sky.

Burundi Vice President Prosper Bajombanza has already visited the site along with several other ministers. He told reporters that 38 people had been killed and 69 seriously injured.

Of them, 26 were burnt and 12 died of suffocation.

One prisoner said, "When we saw the fire, we shouted that we would be burned to death. But even in such a situation, the police refused to open the door of the jail. I don't know how I survived.

However, I have seen many prisoners burnt completely. Several sources said those in charge did not have the keys to some parts of the jail at the time of the incident."

The country's interior minister said in a tweet that the fire started from an electrical short-circuit in the old prison. Police sources said emergency services were not able to reach the spot immediately.

The first fire service vehicle arrived two hours after the fire broke out. That is why the number of casualties has increased.

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