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12 migrants including Bangladeshis killed in bus accident in Turkey

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bus accident in Turkey
At least 12 migrants, including Bangladeshis, have been killed in a bus accident in Turkey. The accident happened in the province of Van on the eastern Iranian border in Turkey on Sunday morning, local time. Turkish authorities say 26 more people were injured in the crash.

According to Reuters, the minibus was passing through the town of Moradi in Van province. The accident happened when the minibus suddenly caught fire. Everyone on the bus entered Turkey illegally.

Turkish firefighters, medical teams and emergency services arrived on the scene after the crash.

Immigrats use Turkey as a transit point to enter Europe. Thus many immigrants have entered other European countries through Turkey. Among them are a significant number of Bangladeshis who try to enter Europe through Turkey.

These migrant cross the sea at the risk of their lives. Again many try to enter Europe by minibus and truck.

A large part of the immigrant candidates are citizens of Bangladesh, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan. The news of their deaths often comes in the media as they travel on risky roads.

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