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Owners-workers announcing bus-truck closure from tomorrow

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bus-truck closure from tomorrow
Owners and workers have announced to stop the movement of public transport and freight vehicles across the country from tomorrow morning. After the increase in fuel prices, transport will remain closed until fares are adjusted, they said.

Khandaker Enayet Ullah, secretary-general of the Bangladesh Road Transport Owners Association, told that the BRTA had made a proposal to increase bus fares in 2019. That decision was not implemented at the time of the corona period. Among them, the price of fuel oil has been increased again on Wednesday night. For this, the transport owners of different districts have decided not to run buses.

Earlier, the price of diesel and kerosene was increased by Tk 15 per litre. The new price is increased from Tk 65 at the consumer level to Tk 80. It was implemented from 12 noon on Wednesday. This information was given in a press release of the Ministry of Power, Energy, and Mineral Resources last night.

The statement said that due to the rise in the price of fuel oil in the international market, the neighboring countries and other countries of the world are adjusting their prices regularly. On November 1, the market price of diesel in India was 124.41 rupees or 101.56 rupees per litre. But the price of diesel in Bangladesh is 75 taka per litre, which is 59.41 taka less per liter.

The statement further said that considering the current purchase price, Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation is incurring a loss of around Tk 20 crore per day as it sells diesel at 13.01 per litre and Furnace Oil at Tk 6.21 per litre.

Last October, the Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation supplied various grades of petroleum products at the current price, resulting in a total loss of Tk 726.71 crore. Considering the overall situation, the government has only increased the price of diesel and kerosene from TK 65 per litre to TK 80 per litre at the consumer level. All other matters, including the notification and amendments issued on 22 December 2008 by the Department of Energy and Mineral Resources, will remain unchanged.

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