Printed on Fri Aug 19 2022 2:09:20 PM

Ferry service resumed on Chandpur-Shariatpur waterway

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Chandpur-Shariatpur waterway
After being closed for 7 hours, ferry service resumed on the Chandpur-Shariatpur waterway.The Chandpur-Shariatpur waterway was closed for seven hours due to heavy fog on the Padma and Meghna rivers. The ferry service started at 8:30 am on Monday, january 25. Faisal Alam Chowdhury, ferry in-charge of Chandpur-Shariatpur waterway, confirmed the matter.

Faisal Alam said the ferry service on the Chandpur-Shariatpur waterway was suspended from 1.30 pm on Sunday due to heavy fog. Hundreds of vehicles were stranded on both sides of the ghat at that time.

When the fog cleared, the ferry service resumed from 8:30 am. Faisal Alam said that five ferries ply on this waterway every day.

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