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Peanut brings smile to char farmers in Chilmari

Correspondent, Kurigram
char farmers in Chilmari
Peanuts bumper yield in Chilmari char area. Peanuts bumper crop has been harvested in the Chilmari char area of ​​Kurigram. At present, the festival of picking nuts has started in the char areas. Farmers are smiling because of their success to yield a good amount of Peanuts and get the price.

The chars of Ashtamirchar, Nayarhat, and Chilmari Unions of Surajmin Upazila have been visited and peanut fields have been seen across the horizon. There are smiling faces is flowing everywhere in the field.

Md. Shahin Mia, 40, a farmer from Uttar Feichka village in Nayarhat union, said he has cultivated Peanuts on 65 percent of his land this season with the help and advice of the Upazila agriculture department.

He has spent about 30,000 taka on 65 percent of the land till the harvest. He hopes that if he sells 1800 taka per maund in the market, he will get a profit of about 30/35 thousand taka.

According to the Upazila Agriculture Office, a bumper crop of Peanuts has been harvested in the char areas. Although the production target is to cultivate 1350 hectares of land this year. However, crops from 1406 hectares of land have been acquired already.

Not only peanut cultivation but also Pigeon pea, Grass pea, Chickpea, and Vigna mungo have been cultivated in the char areas.

Ismat Ara, a farmerettes from the North Feichka area of ​​Nayar Hat Union, said, “Peanut cultivation in Char area has improved this year.

In this regard, Upazila Agriculture Officer Kumar Pranoy Bishan Das said, "Locally improved varieties of peanut Bari 8, 9, and non-varieties of peanuts are favorable for the weather. This time the peanut yield is good. How to plant peanuts in a better way. Farmers are being advised in this regard."

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