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The jetty crisis at Chattogram Seaport

Staff Correspondent
Chattogram Seaport
The jetty crisis at Chattogram seaport has intensified. Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation (BPC) is in trouble over the handling of foreign ships of imported fuel oil. Several foreign ships are waiting at the jetty day after day waiting for release. Due to the slowdown in the unloading due to the jetty crisis, the congestion is increasing. Concerned parties say that in this situation, the state-owned company may have to pay crores of rupees in compensation.

Ship handling at the 'Dolphin-6' jetty is now closed as it has not been repaired for a long time. Due to this, the complexity in the unloading of fuel oil has intensified, BPC said. However, the officials hope that the renovation work of the jetty will be completed soon.

It is learned that only due to the jetty crisis, one of the two foreign ships carrying diesel has been waiting for the release for more than two weeks. The other one has been waiting since March 25. In this situation, the daily compensation of BPC per ship is 10-12 thousand dollars. On the other hand, due to the slowdown in oil unloading, the congestion of new ships bound for Chattogram port with imported fuel oil is also increasing.

According to BPC sources, the old jetty was demolished and two dolphin jetties were built in 2005 with BPC funding. Among them ‘Dolphin-5’ jetty is used by Meghna Petroleum and the ‘Dolphin-6’ jetty is used by Padma Oil Company. Imported refined fuel oil is unloaded at both the jetties. On the other hand, the 'Dolphin-7' jetty owned by Eastern Refinery is used for handling imported crude oil vessels. The handling of foreign ships at Padma Oil's 'Dolphin-6' jetty has been suspended since July last year due to maintenance complications.

According to BPC sources, BPC has assigned Khulna Shipyard to repair the 'Dolphin-6' jetty. But due to various complications, the renovation work of the jetty was delayed. On the other hand, the 'Dolphin-5' JTT, the main installation of Meghna Petroleum, was damaged by the collision of the 'MT Grand H-8' ship which came for unloading imported diesel on September 30 last year. This causes the inner lines to be twisted. In the first phase, the handling of foreign ships was stopped completely, but later the oil unloading pipelines of the jetty were repaired and somehow the unloading activities were continued. But it was not possible to launch the rescue operation in full force.

It has been learned that two ships carrying imported diesel have been waiting for unloading at 'Patenga Jetty' for the last 7 to 14 days as normal unloading activities have been disrupted with only one jetty. The 'MT Jennings Bay' arrived at 'Patenga Jetty' on March 18 with 33,573 tonnes of diesel. The 'MT Atlantic Lily' arrived at the same jetty on March 25. The two ships are expected to be unloaded by Tuesday, April 5 as the jetty is not empty.

Khalid Ahmed, BPC's director (marketing, operations and planning), told Jago News on Tuesday evening that repair work on the 'Dolphin-6' jetty was nearing completion. Ships can be handled with this jetty this month.

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