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Foods that will Boost Your Child's immunity

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Child's immunity
Coronavirus infections are growing at an alarming rate around the world. Outbreaks appear to be exacerbated during this time. For this reason, experts say, children need to increase their immunity through proper diet.

Let's find out now some foods that boost children's immunity.

The child should be given an adequate amount of water. In most cases, children do not drink enough water between restlessness and sports. So the first step in developing proper eating habits is to drink enough.

Regularly eat green vegetables. Foods like spinach or lettuce contain several important elements like fiber, iron, calcium, and vitamin C. These ingredients increase immunity.

Feed the child broccoli regularly. It is rich in fiber and multiple minerals. It also plays an important role in increasing immunity. It tastes like cauliflower to eat again.

The child may not like to eat vegetables, but everyone likes to eat nuts. In this case, if your child does not like vegetables, you can feed him walnuts, pesto, and cashews. You can also mix raisins with it.

Make it a habit to feed your child a piece of Gooseberry at the end of the meal.

This is a very healthy fruit. Relieves stomach problems from cold-cough-throat pain.

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