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China has sent first three astronauts to its space center

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China space center
For the first time, China sent a spacecraft with three astronauts to the space center as part of its own space exploration. At 9:22 a.m. local time on Thursday, three Chinese astronauts successfully launched the Long March TF rocket carrying the Shenzhou-12 capsule from the Jiquan Space Center.

The news was reported by CNBC.

The names of the three astronauts are Haisheng, Liu Booming and Tang Hongbo. Before the start of the voyage, the Chinese astronauts were greeted and bade farewell by space research officers, military officers and children.

The purpose of the expedition:

The three astronauts on the space mission will stay for three months at Tianhe, China's first space center. At this time, they will prepare the space center to add two more modules, including various tests and repairs.

China's plans to build its own space center in space are no longer unknown. The mission is to build the space center. China has twice before sent unmanned rockets to build a space center.

Meanwhile, a core module of the Chinese space center is orbiting in a specific orbit. This time the spacecraft will go and be associated with it. After that, the three astronauts will spend a total of three months in that core module.

The name of this core module of the Chinese space station is 'Tianhe'.

This is China's third space mission with plans to build a space center. China plans eight more missions.

Despite the opposition of the United States, China is successfully advancing its space research. Despite some criticism, the country has already achieved a lot. Bringing samples from the moon, sending successful robots to Mars, etc. are being seen as examples of China's success.

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